How Many Pain Units Is Getting Kicked In The Balls?

The exact number of del (units) of pain associated with a kick to the testicles has been debated for years, but a graphic meme has been circulating for years claiming that a kick to the testicles is the clear winner, hands down: ″A kick in the balls is above 9000 del (units) of pain, which is equivalent to giving birth to 160 children and breaking up to 3200 bones at the same time.″

How many Dels is a kick in the balls?

It takes about 9000 del units to kick someone in the genitals! The discomfort of being kicked in the balls does, however, diminish significantly over time, with 1000 dels each 30 second or so. In terms of technicality, a kick in the balls is initially equivalent to 160 childbirths!

Does giving birth hurt more than a kick in the balls?

A kick to the shins is more painful. It has been scientifically shown that the human body can withstand 47 degrees of agony, with giving birth administering an additional 57 degrees. If you could feel every bit of agony from a quick in the balls, you’d probably pass out from exhaustion and delirium. This person has chosen to have their account disabled. No, it is a fact at the present time.

How much pain can you really measure?

The internet is awash with articles claiming that pain can be measured in units known as ″del.″ They claim that the maximum amount of pain a human can tolerate is 45 del, despite the fact that childbirth is connected with 57 del of agony (supposedly comparable to 20 bones being shattered at the same time) and that being kicked in the nuts is related with 9000 del of pain.

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