Why Is My Kitten Limping But Not In Pain?

Sometimes a cat will limp but will not appear to be in any discomfort. Lobbing typically occurs in reaction to an aberrant anatomy or an injury that your cat may have had. They may or may not be experiencing discomfort.

Some cats develop acclimated to pain and no longer respond when they are exposed to it. Common causes of a limping cat include trauma, arthritis, and illness, among others. A number of older cats overexert themselves when exercising, resulting in a temporary loss of mobility.

What does it mean when a cat limps on one leg?

If your cat is limping, there is a significant likelihood that your cat is experiencing discomfort. Even the smallest drop in weight-bearing on either leg may cause your cat’s gait to shift, often resulting in their actions being jerky and less smooth than they would otherwise be.

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