How To Get Placement In College?

How To Get Placement In College
13 Smart Tips for Campus Placement

  1. Tip 1: Research, research, and research.
  2. Tip 2: Prepare a strong resume.
  3. Tip 3: Give utmost attention to your company’s presentation about itself.
  4. Tip 4: Attend mock interviews.
  5. Tip 5: Include a cover letter.
  6. Tip 6: Stay updated.
  7. Tip 7: Be punctual.
  8. Tip 8: Appear presentable.

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Do all students get placement?

Answers (4) Hello divyansh, typically placement depends on both college and you skills. If you do not have the proper skillset that the company is demanding then the college would not aid you in getting that job. But if you have ample skillset then you wouln’t be dependent on the college for the placements.

  1. You can go for off campus placement drives and more oppourtinities if you have proper knowledge.
  2. Hey Divyansh Well that’s a general worry of all the aspirants.
  3. But we are here to help you with it.
  4. Placements are done by various companies, right.
  5. Some colleges have company A coming for recruitments, while other colleges may or may not have the same company coming for recruitments.

Even if the colleges are well known for their academics, there are students who don’t even get placed. While, we hear stories about those as well who got their degree from a lesser known college, but now works in a top notch firm. So the most important factor for placements is your skills and your efficiency.

  1. The company mostly considers how well have you done during your college, and how much you can do further.
  2. Well, placement depends on college, or the tag, this statement is also somewhat true.
  3. Good colleges provide you an exposure to a beautiful environment.
  4. Also, things like alumni network matters a lot.

You see, companies blindly come to esteemed colleges, just because they are that sure that the results will be great there. And their thinking is true as well, because to get into a top ranked college, you need to put in a lot of efforts, plus the brain for that particular field is also required.

  1. Only those who have the perfect blend of hard work and intelligence can excel( as in say the top rankers), and they thus get their desired college.
  2. Later on, some of these maintain their level of intelligence, while some go around focusing on other co curricular activities.
  3. In fact, their are some who manage both perfectly.

So companies already know who they are going to approach. I hope I made my point pretty clear. You focus on your skills first, and side by side prepare for getting a good college( if you are about to). The goal of getting a good college can be a good one to kick-start your preparation, later on destiny will lead you throughout.

  • Eep working hard and smart as well.
  • All the best!! Hi Divyansh, I would say that it is a 30:70 ratio with college comprising 30% and skill set 70%.
  • Yes, corporations are interested in students from well-reputed colleges but the skill set is something far more important.
  • It does not only constitute of skill in the subject but also extra-curricular skills and communication skills.
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A few years ago, colleges were regarded the most important and decisive factor in placements but now the situation is not the same. A student from any college can become a CEO of an MnC just because of his skills and capabilities. Companies look for employees who can shape the future of their company and only having a great college background is not enough.

What is placement process in college?

4. HR Interview: – Nearly there. The HR Interview checks candidates for being organisational fits or not. Apart from classic checks (originality of the candidature), they check for willingness to move for work, any debilitating conditions and behavioral traits to ascertain how good or bad the candidate would be with them.

Which college has highest average package?

Placement records of Top Engineering Colleges in India

S. No Name of Institute Highest Package
1 Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Delhi 1.4 Crore P.A
2 Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Kharagpur 1 Crore P.A
3 Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Kanpur 1.5 Crore P.A
4 Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Chennai 95.8 Lakh P.A

Does salary depend on college?

You get paid for getting the results your employer hired you to accomplish. For what you deliver. – Don’t believe me? You want proof? How To Get Placement In College Link to the original LinkedIn Post It is a common misconception among students that, companies hire and pay salary purely based on the degree, grades, the country and college. There is a correlation between degree, college, job and salary, but correlation does not imply causation (it means, even though degree and salary are correlated, degree may not be the actual cause for your salary, rather it can be something else). How To Get Placement In College

Do you get paid for college placement?

Shorter University Placements – These types of placements can be taken over the holidays for a few weeks, or even one day a week for a longer period of time. These are not usually the types of placements that will earn you any decent kind of money. Usually, you won’t get paid at all for this kind of placement.

  • They are supposed to be quick and efficient.
  • They gain you a quick flash of experience in the workplace, but since they are so fast, they are very often not seen as a proper job by the company, and therefore pay is often not offered.
  • As I have already said, there are plenty of other benefits to this kind of placement, and you definitely shouldn’t rule it out just because it doesn’t pay you any money.

They gain you lots of experience and can be put on your CV for future job opportunities.

What do I do if I’m not placed in college?

Get an Internship, if you have not got a campus placement Once you have done that, start applying to companies for an internship. There are various websites like,, and many more where you fill in your details and apply.

In which year does placement start?

Usually, the placement starts at the end of summer vacation after the 6th semester, around the end of July. Companies start visiting for recruitment from the start of fourth year. Some companies that offer internships to 3rd-year students, may offer pre-placement options to some students.

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Is campus placement easy?

On campus placement – In the off-campus vs on-campus debate, we have to admit that campus placements have their own charm in college. Every student wishes to be the first one with a secure job amongst his/her batchmates. It is a matter of pride for every college student to score a decent job through on-campus placement procedure.

Which course has more placement?

Dear aspirant, With globalization and liberalization of economy,many career option are available for engineers both in India and abroad,Securing seats in one of top engineering branches requires hard work and excellent scores in respective engineering entrance exam,Picking the right engineering stream is one of the most essential prts of engineering admission.

Which college has highest placement in India?

Selecting the Best College Based On Placements

S.No. Name of the college Placement Percentage
1 IIT Bombay 84.5%
2 Vellore Institute of Technology 85%
3 BITS Pilani 99%
4 NIT Trichy 90%

Is it easy to get job in campus placement?

In this competitive era, preparing yourself for campus placements is the most pivotal part of education. Earlier, most of the students ignored the significance of the campus placements and waved goodbye to the opportunities of getting selected by the company.

But now, every year, you can observe hundreds of students taking active participation in the campus placement process. One of the advantages of campus recruitment is the assurance of stable job profiles in reputed companies. In India, the majority of campus recruitment companies often lower their hiring criteria for entry-level employment.

However, if you are applying through an Off-campus or Pool campus placement drive. In that case, there’s much more than technical knowledge required to clear the interview as the scale of competition increases. So, moving forward, here in this blog, you will get to know what is campus interview, what is campus recruitment and its types, the importance of placement, comparison between on-campus vs off-campus, campus recruitment process and most important campus placement preparation tips.

First, let us understand what is placement in college. What is Campus Placement/Campus Recruitment? Campus Placements/ Campus Recruitment drives are conducted in various educational institutes for providing job opportunities to the students. Campus Recruitment allows students to earn a safe and secure future.

Keeping in mind the importance of the placement, it is vital for a student to prepare adequately for these programs and ensure that they put their best foot forward. Campus recruitment is a strategy for sourcing, engaging, and hiring young talent for internship and full-time job roles.

  1. College placement is a tactic for leading companies to hire high-volume qualified candidates.
  2. The campus recruitment process often involves collaboration with colleges, career consulting & services centres, third-party agencies, attending job fairs, and more.
  3. What are the Types of Campus Placement? We are sure you all will be aware of what is campus interview is.

But, are you well informed about the type of campus placement? In general, there are mainly two types of campus placements that can be classified under the existing campus placement models. They are: On-Campus Placement: In On-Campus placement drives, recruitment companies are officially invited on the college campus to conduct interviews to gauge their potential as future employees.

The placement process is centralized. Before the interviews, they make a selection on criteria like student’s knowledge, technical abilities, and zeal to work. Off-Campus Placement: As the name defines, it is a type of placement conducted outside the college campus. In Off-campus placement, the role of college is absent.

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This means that there are no rules and regulations of the college, and seek employment on your own. Reputed companies conduct pool placement interviews where students from different colleges assemble at a commonplace. Students who have failed to get an on-campus placement can get a career opportunity through this type of placement.

Is it difficult to get on campus placement?

– On-Campus Placements/College Placements – Placement difficulty in campus placements is something hard to comment on. Almost 80-90% students get placed in campus placements. However, not all of them receive their dream jobs. Many students have to try again and again to get placed or even hold multiple offer letters to dig for a better salary.

Are Placement hard to get?

Getting a job in campus placement is not a tough task as over there it fully depends on your career,ability of speaking and performing at interviews. You will be fully tested on your pressure handling ability,communication skill and skill of doing reasoning and quantitative aptitudes.

Is off campus placement easy?

View Discussion Improve Article Save Article View Discussion Improve Article Save Article Off campus placements can be really tiring and intimidating at times and requires an additional effort of contacting the recruiter and getting shortlisted for the selection process of the company and hence factors like resume building, past work experience, etc.

  1. Work on Resume: HR and Talent Acquisition team spends a very short interval of time scrolling through your resume and hence making an effective resume is very important.
  2. There’s no doubt that your resume is the best marketing tool for you to showcase your skills & learnings to employers to subsequently get worthwhile job opportunities. In fact, a well-created professional resume can get you some much-needed edge over other candidates. So, what are you waiting for? Try this FREE Resume Builder By GeeksforGeeks to build a creative & professional resume and get shortlisted for your dream job!

  3. Coding Practice: Most companies take an online test before proceeding to Interview rounds and hence good coding practice is necessary.1. Must do coding questions for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe.
  4. Important Computer Science Subjects you should know :
    • Operating System : Good knowledge of Operating System is important and candidates get lots of operating system based questions asked in telephonic round and face to face interview rounds.
    • Computer Network : Networking based questions are not asked in lot of companies but companies like Cisco, Juniper Networks, Citrix, etc. who work extensively with networks focus a lot on this topic.
    • DBMS : Databases are used in almost every company and form a huge segment of the Interviews especially face to face Interviews where you can expect both theoretical questions as well as to write SQL queries and hence good knowledge of databases is very necessary.1. 2. Commonly asked DBMS questions
    • Pointers : Pointers might play a significant role in MCQs asked in Online tests or as debugging questions in Interview rounds especially when you are applying for a profile which requires good knowledge of C and Embedded C like for companies like Honeywell, Western Digital, Qualcomm, etc.1.
    • C++ : C++ is one of the most widely used coding language used in lots of legacy companies and hence it’s in depth knowledge for lots of companies become crucial, although it can be skipped if you are interviewing for a non C++ profile.