Readers ask: How To Start Medical Tourism Business In India?

How do medical tourism companies make money?

The medical tourism companies mainly earn by gaining a commission from hospitals and nursing homes by referring tourists traveling for the sake of medical treatment. Furthermore, they receive a particular percentage of monetary compensation from these institutions, an amount that increases with time.

What is medical tourism business?

Medical tourism involves traveling to another country for the purpose of getting care. Originally, patients from less-developed countries traveled to developed countries to get treatments that were not available in their homeland.

Is medical tourism legal in India?

The Government of India recognizes and categorizes medical tourism as niche tourism. The development of medical visa casts a duty upon hospitals and healthcare centres to not entertain tourists who seek medical treatment but have not applied for the medical visa and are visiting under the general tourist visa.

How much does India earn from medical tourism?

Medical tourism is a growing sector in India. In mid–2020, India’s medical tourism sector was estimated to be worth US$ 5–6 billion. In 2017, 495,056 patients visited India to seek medical care.

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How do I start a medical tourism business?

To Start a Medical Tourism Company in India, You must:

  1. Research well. A little extra study never harms.
  2. Know your market.
  3. Be money-smart.
  4. Build a trustworthy website.
  5. Provide proper hospitality.
  6. Know your competitors.
  7. FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions about How to Start a Medical Tourism Company in India.

Is medical tourism illegal?

Medical tourism is legal in almost all respects, primarily because there is very little regulation, and therefore very little legal protection. However, there are ways to protect yourself before you go.

Which country is best for medical tourism?

Top 5 Countries For Medical Tourism

  1. India. For patients in need of cardiac and orthopedic surgeries, India is growing in medical travel popularity.
  2. Singapore.
  3. South Korea.
  4. Bulgaria.
  5. Panama.

Which state of India is leading in medical tourism?

Which state of India is leading in medical tourism? The leading destinations of medical tourism in India are Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, New Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. And among many Indian states, Andhra Pradesh is slowly getting hold of the top position.

Why do medical tourist come to India?

The leading factor encouraging tourists seeking medical help from different countries to visit India is the low cost of treatment. Developed countries have lengthy and cumbersome vias and immigrant formalities. Moreover, hospitalization, treatment, medication, etc. cost much higher.

When did medical tourism started in India?

In India, the history of medical tourism was also slowly unfolding with the popularity of yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. As early as 5000 years ago, constant streams of medical travelers and spiritual students flocked to India to seek the benefits of these alternative-healing methods.

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Which city is best for medical treatment in India?

1. Chennai. One of the most popular destinations for medical treatment in India. A Confederation of Indian Industries study found around 40% of the people chose to get treated in Chennai for its high-quality treatment.

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